We offer product development, programme design, risk structuring, pricing, and distribution and process digitalisation

Property Investors

We work with corporations, real estate funds, private equity, hedge funds and investment banks to pre-emptively design insurance programmes to win bids, to meet completion deadlines or to reduce placement costs. We advise investors throughout the process with identifying risks, structuring and pricing insurance programmes, and gauging insurer appetite for their risk programmes.

We have expertise in structuring solutions for investors in renewable energy, telecommunications, infrastructure, utilities, real estate investment funds, loan originations, mortgage backed securitisations and distressed single or portfolio assets.

Insurance and Reinsurance Companies

We work with transaction liability underwriters across the world reviewing and developing products including policy wording, product coverage, pricing and distribution for existing and new markets. Our team undertakes all the research, technical review and data analytics reducing costs and time to get products to markets. We also work with underwriters as consultants on single complex transactions that require specialist knowledge and due diligence in very short periods of time. With support from third party providers we can digitise manual processes or make recommendations for improving currently digitised platforms ; Our emphasis is on helping our client extract and analyse data in real time to improve profit margins.

Managing General Agencies

We support MGAs in their day to day operations providing technical expertise on large complex deals that often fall outside the delegated authority agreement and are subject to special acceptance terms. We work with MGAs in developing new products via risk coverage recommendations, distribution strategies and framing the proposal for presentation to existing and new carriers to agree capacity. We can undertake a granular analysis of an MGA’s product portfolio and assist them in improving their competitive edge through improved product designs, risk assessment parameters and marketing outputs. Today’s MGAs require to be lean and proactive with limited resources to project manage new strategies towards tangible results; Our experience of product development and entrenchment create an ideal outsourcing channel for these deliverables.


Brokers rely on our expertise to complement their services. We work with brokers in all technical aspects of proposals to acquire new clients as well as external advisers for large complex transactions where time is of the essence and significant due diligence is required. Many brokers lack the in-house expertise to deliver an optimum service to their clients for a niche product such as title insurance. We partner with brokers to enable them to save overheads. Our services range from assisted pitches, to risk presentation packaging for insurers to assisting on programme structuring for clients with large portfolios requiring insurance. When it comes to claims, we can assess the situation quickly, analyse the coverage and deliver a claims presentation report which enables the broker’s client to be fully informed throughout all stages of the recovery process.

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